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Koç Company is considered one of the biggest famous company in the Kurdistan Region and in Iraq ,in general, for selling of steel and cement.
Koç company started from a small office in Zakho commercial complex (AZAD Office), and that was in mid-nineties, for selling and distribution of steel locally soon, it developed and became an office for importing and exporting. It remained an office for doing business till the year 2000. Later, the company was changed to Koç Company in order to expand its branches and fields of work.
And now the company is going towards becoming (Koç Group), Koç Company is considered one of the premiers all over the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in doing General Trading and trading of construction materials particularly steel and cement in which the company has managed to contract many important contracts with foreign companies and foreign and civil organizations inside and outside Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Koç Company has visible and remarkable relations with local/domestic companies regarding cooperation and providing them with needed materials.
Koç Company has a great role in rebuilding Iraqi Kurdistan Region through equipping construction projects and cement.
Important Activities of Koç Company 's branches: Koç Company for general trading (Import - Export), and trading of construction materials (steel and cement). Koç Company for general trading was established in the year 2000, in the town of Zakho , Kurdistan Region of Iraq with its two offices, the head office which is situated in the Commercial Complex and the secondary office situated in Zakho site. Koç Company has a good reputation in the Kurdistan Region and in Iraq in general. The solid steel of the Turkish Koç factory is considered one of the best kinds of iron in Kurdistan and Iraq. The majority of the construction companies in Iraq prefers to use it because of its good quality and has successfully passed all the quality tests and experiments of evaluating iron quality and goodness in Kurdistan and Iraq.
Koç wire mesh factory for BRC, The company has built the Koç Company for producing BRC in Kowashi, the Industrial area in the province of Duhok on the area of 12500 m2 in accordance with the best international standards and the new machinery for producing the BRC with a high production capacity that is considered the biggest in the Kurdistan Region.
Koç Center:
Also among other activities of the company is building of the Koç Center in the center of Duhok province. The building consists of more than 250 business offices and 10 commercial apartments which are built with nicest and most modern geometrical maps which gives a beauty and a fascinating view to the center of the city of Duhok.
Industrial iron with various production, kinds like (angles, industrial pipes, poles, iron bars and BRC links, nails with different sizes, in addition to barbed wires and many other productions and tools). We are ready for importing and providing any requests.
Through all these abilities and activities Koç Company plays a big role in Reconstructing Kurdistan of Iraq, providing labor and working opportunities for a many citizens in different fields. In addition to that, the company has role in the development of land transportation by providing the companies and constructional projects with iron and cement in different parts of Kurdistan Region as well as Iraq.The main objectives of the company are: to develop trading of constructional materials in Kurdistan Region and to develop construction and building. To work with honesty and respect, making ideas up to date and using newest ways and policies of working.

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