Koç Company is considered one of the biggest famous company in the Kurdistan Region and in Iraq ,in general, for selling of steel and cement.

Koç company started from a small office in Zakho commercial complex (AZAD Office), and that was in mid-nineties, for selling and distribution of steel locally  soon, it developed and became an office for importing and exporting and importing. It remained an office for doing  business till the year 2000. Later, the company was changed to Koç Company in order to expand its branches and fields of work.

And now the company is going towards becoming (Koç Group), Koç Company is considered one of the premiers all over the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in doing General Trading and trading of construction materials particularly steel and cement in which the company has managed to contract many important contracts with foreign companies and foreign and civil organizations inside and outside Kurdistan.

Koc Factory Koc Co P.Ofisi

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